Advisory Council Report

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Miki Flynn, Vice-Chair and Region 1 Council Chair
Barbara Smith, Region 1 2nd Seat
Dawn Cox, Region 2 Council Chair
Shahin Jones, Region 2 2nd Seat
Deanne Leung, Region 3 Council Chair
Lisbet Rosenfeld, Region 3 2nd Seat
Nazanin Moghadami, Region 4 Council Chair
Jerry Arthur-Wong, Region 4 2nd Seat
Carolynn Turner, Region 5 Council Chair
Gerry Bock, Region 5 2nd Seat
Matt McClaskey, Chair and Region 6 Council Chair
Kelsey Grimm & Catherine Cloutier, Region 6 2nd Seat


2020 Goals

Determine what we had the capacity to offer given the COVID situation.  We decided to focus on the care and keeping of our members and created a series of zoom offerings about our experiences and our needs.


Zoom offerings titled “Taking care of our RCC’s”.  Each month, for 4 months we offered an experiential activity for those that wished to participate and then facilitated discussion around our needs.


The series was well attended, and a feedback questionnaire was sent out at the end to gather more information about what Region 3 members would like to see offered.

Region 5 fraser valley

Our primary focus in 2020 was continuing to host world-class workshops that allowed RCCs to move forward with excellence. We were proud to host Dr. Gordon Neufeld who spoke on Hypersensitivity: Fresh Insights on a Neurological Condition Affecting a Growing Number of Our Children. The workshop was well received with close to 1,000 people attending at the Bell Centre making it the largest event attended for BCACC.

“We continue to be honoured to bring together Registered Clinical Counsellors, other professionals, and the community in our region and province together to learn and grow.”

2020 Goals

Showcase excellence, knowledge, and expertise through relevant workshops that help members continue to learn and grow. If and when COVID-19 restrictions ease, we will look at continuing to plan smaller, more intimate practice/peer groups that allow counsellors to grow their practice and become more connected.  


We continue to engage in monthly meetings to create, plan, and organize tasks to fulfill our goals.


Outcomes were extremely successful as we hosted a sold-out event which was well received by those who attended.

Thank you for reading bcacc’s 2020 annual report