Department Reports

WORKING together

BCACC has two distinct Association arms that work together to provide value for members. Our Regulatory arm supports and protects the value of the RCC designation.

Our new Member Services arm is focused on providing educational and member support programming to help members grow their professional skills.

From the office of the registrar 

Appreciation for our Volunteers

“When I was appointed Association Registrar in 1991, we had about 350 members and at least 100 of them were operating in a volunteer capacity – as Board members, standing committee members, ad hoc committee members, Delegate Council members etc.  We relied heavily on the founding members to build the foundation of the Association that exists today. We still have a wealth of members who have been with us for over 25 years and many of these members continue to volunteer their time and expertise to help in the evolution of both our association and our profession. Today, a much smaller percentage of the membership constitutes our contingent of volunteers.  The vast bulk of the work is currently carried out by a strong and committed staff team.”

Angela Burns


Thanks to Donna Knee

December 31, 2019 was Donna Knee’s last day as a BCACC employee.  Donna was BCACC’s Professional Practice Coordinator for almost 12 years.  We wish Donna all the best for a happy and fulfilling retirement.

mEMBERSHIP registration

2019 was a very good year in the Office of the Registrar for several reasons: BCACC continues to be popular with recent university graduates looking for a respected, professional credential; we closed out 2019 with a total of 4576 members – our largest membership number to date.


comparison of membership


New Members




Net New Members






New Members




Net New Members






New Members




Net New Members






New Members Reinstated


Terminated Net New Members
502 44 96 67 383


The Inquiry Committee and Regulatory staff were kept busy with 24 formal complaints.  In response to concerns from members that BCACC was not providing adequate support to members engaged in the complaint process, the Association piloted an emotional support program for such members.  BCACC pays for 50% of the members’ counselling to a maximum of $750.

The Conduct Review Panel held an open penalty hearing regarding a member in Vancouver.  The cost of these hearings totalled over $60,000 (plus an additional $20,000 in 2018 for the pre-hearing conference).  This lengthy process is expected to be completed in the summer of 2020.  The complete cost for this conduct review process will be available in the 2020 Annual Report.


Relevant principles from the BCACC Code of Ethics used in complaint cases for 2019 are as follows:


Principal 1: Respect for the dignity of all Persons and Peoples

(26% of all complaints)

  • 3% General Respect for the Dignity of all Persons and Peoples
  • 4% Respect for Clients
  • 6% Informed Consent
  • 2% Privacy
  • 5% Respect for Other Individuals
  • 1% Respect for Peoples
  • 5% Respect for Self

Principal 2: Responsible Caring

(31% of all complaints)

  • 14% General Responsible Caring
  • 10% Competent Caring
  • 7% Carefully Managing Risk


Principal 3: Integrity in Relationships

(28% of all complaints)

  • 7% General Integrity in Relationships
  • 3% Communicating in Integrity
  • 15% Connecting with Clients
  • 3% Relationship as a Conscious Undertaking

Principal 4: Responsibility to Society

(15% of all complaints)

  • 14% Ethical Knowledge and Awareness
  • .5% Holistic Approach
  • .9% Social Responsibility

From member services

We are committed to providing members with opportunities to connect to their professional association no matter where they reside in the province.




Region 1 North Coastal

3 Cafes; 1 Workshop; 2 Social Events ;  Serving  104 Total Registrants

Region 2 Southern Vancouver Island

7 Cafes; 2 Workshops; 2 Social Events; Serving  285 Total Registrants

Region 3 Interior South

10 Cafes;  Serving  93 Total Registrants

Region 4 Lower Mainland NW

4 Cafes;  9 Skills; 4 Workshops;  Serving  1101 Total Registrants


Region 5 Fraser Valley

2 Cafes; 1 Workshop; 5 Peer Support Groups;  Serving  170 Total Registrants

Region 6 Interior North

7  Cafes; 3 Workshops; 1 Social Event; Serving  169 Total Registrants



BCACC’s first bi-annual conference was held in Richmond, BC over October 31-November 3, 2019.

With over 32 speakers sharing their diverse expertise on a range of topics,
learning and connection abounded. Almost 200 attendees took in the 18 plenary
sessions, a lively panel discussion on burnout and vicarious trauma, and unique
lightning round “power hour”.

Keynote addresses were given by Vikki Reynolds and Sharon Stanley, as well as a
pre-conference workshop. Elder Roberta Price graciously led an Indigenous
welcome and closing that was both intimate and engaging.

We thank our Conference Committee for their hard work in making this event a resounding success.

Introducing BCACC’s Director of Member Services 

2019 saw growth in BCACC’s Member Services department with the addition of some new staff and a change to the leadership structure.  Marci Zoretich was appointed as Director, Member Services and took over leadership of the department, which includes BCACC’s Communications, Education and Events personnel.

BCACC Survey to Membership on Counsellor Rates

BCACC Member Services set out to update the 2016 Fee Schedule in the Fall of 2019. A survey (link) was deployed to the BCACC Membership which showed that the membership favoured a range of rates over a single representative rate.

Going forward, BCACC will survey the membership every two years to ensure that we are keeping the recommended rates ranges current.

Ask an RCC Video Series              

We continued to run our Ask an RCC video series social media campaign through 2019.  These short videos created with RCCs were made with the goal of promoting the RCC designation through various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.   Over the course of 2019 the videos were viewed:

Facebook/instagram: 244,000 views (1.15M impressions)

YouTube: 66,000 views (257,000 impressions)

* Views = specific to the video playing
* Impressions = ad being seen in a viewable window

Bringing Continuing Education Online

Niki Campbell was hired in October 2019 in the role of Education Coordinator. Niki’s background and expertise in online learning was a welcome addition to our team.

Our goal for 2019 was to develop a space for online professional development to be able to bring members high quality continuing education for low cost or no cost.  After much research, we began building our online learning management system and RCC community, eConnect. 

eConnect will launch in Spring 2020.  We look forward to bringing the membership educational opportunities and a place to connect and learn together.


BCACC published three issues of INSIGHTS magazine in 2019. Magazine content and themes are developed by our Editorial Advisory Committee.  BCACC added three new members to the Editorial Advisory Committee in 2019, including the addition of a permanent Indigenous seat.

Our committees have been busy