Advisory Council Report

2019 marks the first full year of existence for the Advisory Council and brought with it many of the challenges that go along with something so new. During our first meeting of the year in March, the Council bravely grappled with defining our responsibility to members and clarifying our role within the BCACC.

We went into our next meeting in June with a shared understanding that our mandate was to advise the Board on emerging issues for members across the province. Towards that end, we conducted an internal poll that identified many potential areas of concern and engaged in a spirited discussion around which of these we wanted to bring to the Board’s attention.

In the Advisory Council’s first joint meeting with the BCACC Board we proudly presented the following recommendations:

  • Consider ways of maintaining and monitoring meaningful ethical standards for Registered Clinical Counsellors across the province,
  • Investigate opportunities to increase member engagement within BCACC, and
  • Ensure that BCACC’s recommended counselling rates remains up to date.

In less than a year, the Advisory Council has gone from nothing more than a concept, to developing a shared sense of purpose, to actively fulfilling its role within BCACC. I would like to thank all of our Advisory Council members for the significant effort required to make this remarkable growth possible.

The Council would also like to thank Marci Zoretich and Carolyn Fast for being the training wheels this new council required to get up and running.

Matt McClaskey, Chair and Region 6 Council Chair
Miki Flynn, Vice-Chair and Region 1 Council Chair


Miki Flynn, Vice-Chair and Region 1 Council Chair
Barbara Smith, Region 1 2nd Seat
Dawn Cox, Region 2 Council Chair
Shahin Jones, Region 2 2nd Seat
Deanne Leung, Region 3 Council Chair
Lisbet Rosenfeld, Region 3 2nd Seat
Nazanin Moghadami, Region 4 Council Chair
Jerry Arthur-Wong, Region 4 2nd Seat
Carolynn Turner, Region 5 Council Chair
Gerry Bock, Region 5 2nd Seat
Matt McClaskey, Chair and Region 6 Council Chair
Kelsey Grimm & Catherine Cloutier, Region 6 2nd Seat

Region 1 North COASTAL

2019 was a year of increased Counsellor Cafes and a large full-day workshop regarding working with First Responders. Our region was pleased to see increased engagement from members in general at our Cafes, as well as increased council membership. We attempted 2 social events which were not well attended, and therefore decided that going forward we will focus on educational events, since that is what our membership seems to want most.

“Region 1 believes that our members deserve excellent educational opportunities, options for high quality supervision, and a sense of community and camaraderie with other members. We continue to work hard so that our council can provide this service and support.” 

2019 Goals

Increase attendance of Cafes and Workshops, promote ongoing education and collegiality.


We increased the frequency of our Counsellor Cafes, and engaged with other community-based organizations to encourage collaboration.


We saw an increase in attendance at events, and our council grew by 3 excellent, engaged members.

Region 2

Report to come…


2019 saw a change of leadership at the Region 3 Council Chair level with Deanne Leung, RCC Kelowna stepping into the role.  Thank you to Leora Splett for filling in as interim Regional Council Chair. Region 3 then set to work planning for 2020.

“We first wanted to reach the Region 3 membership to foster engagement and ensure our planning would meet the needs of RCCs in this region”.

2019 Goals

To connect with the Region 3 membership to establish interest in events and with joining the Region 3 Council. We felt it was important to first identify barriers to attending regional events and to ensure the type of events were of interest to the members.  


We sent out a survey to Region 3 members through BCACC Head Office.  We booked a meet and greet for April 2020 as well as an educational event for June 2020, unfortunately both were cancelled due to COVID.


We have an idea of the types of events that Region 3 would like to engage in. Look for more in 2020!

Region 4 lower mainland Nw

At Region 4, we decided to take some time in 2019 to recuperate and bring in more structure. The work we were doing left Council members exhausted and burnt out. We said goodbye to a few members and welcomed new ones.

“We continue our process of establishing foundations for future sustainable work and service to our members. This means we paused some of our regular events both to recruit facilitators and to reexamine their accessibility.”

2019 Goals

Bring structure and sustainability to the Council to serve the members in our Region better.


We held meetings and put out a call for volunteers, interviewed volunteers.


We are happy to have a full team who is also struggling to keep going during the COVID measures! 

Region 5 fraser valley

Our primary focus in 2019 was hosting world-class workshops that allow Registered Clinical Counsellors to move towards excellence. We were proud to host several notable presenters in 2019 including Dr. Marshall Wilensky, and Dr. Janina Fisher. We hired a video-recorder to produce videos of Dr. Janina Fisher which will be available in 2020 to the membership. We also began the planning process for Dr. Gordon Neufeld who will be hosted in early 2020.

 “We have been honoured to host distinguished events for the membership over the 2019 year. These events have brought our region together and we have been proud to offer them.”

2019 Goals

Host world-class speakers and focus on large events instead of smaller events which drew smaller crowds and often had few participants, to create smaller more intimate practice groups that would allow counsellors to grow in their practice and become more connected, begin succession planning for Regional Chair position.


We engaged in monthly meetings to create, plan and organize tasks to fulfill our goals.


Outcomes were extremely successful with sell-out events that drew large crowds and very positive feedback.

Region 6

“In 2019, Region 6 Members were excited about creating more regular opportunities to learn and connect.”


Region 6 operates with two regional centers – Kamloops and Prince George. Members in both centers have been invited to engage with Region 6 representatives to inform on events and topic matter that they would like to see brought to this region. Members in both regions expressed keen interest in hearing from local practitioners with unique insight/expertise. Members were also interested in attending Maureen McEvoy’s “Note Keeping, Record Keeping & Other Practical / Legal Issues for Counsellors”


Region 6 brought Maureen McEvoy to Kamloops and Prince George for full day workshops in 2019 and have hosted seven Counsellor Cafes in Kamloops. Region 6 Prince George has plans for four similar events in the future.

Thank you for reading bcacc’s 2019 annual report